Inspired by the best chocolatiers, Rein and Carola Kromkamp are proud to present the corporate image of REIN Cymbidium, previously known as Kromkamp Orchideën. Cultivated with passion and the highest attention, these Cymbidium deserve a dazzling wrapping, just as the best bonbons come in the most glamorous boxes.

Rein and Carola Kromkamp are professional, consumer-oriented growers, with a highly consistent Cymbidium offer. With our continuous commitment to perfection, the artisan grower’s hand is noticeable in every detail. An optimum dedication to the entirety of production, packaging and after-sales is essential to ensuring our end users will thoroughly enjoy our Cymbidium. Rein Cymbidium supplies the same top quality that you are accustomed to having from Kromkamp Orchideën, but now in a new, distinctive luxury style. Why the name change to REIN? In Dutch, ‘rein’ also means pure beauty, and is furthermore evocative of ‘reine’, which means royal. Blue is the royal colour, and in combination with the delicate lines in the design, the result is a highly distinctive appeal. From now on, the corporate style, the boxes and sleeves, website and email form a single comprehensive concept, so that you and your customers can see at a glance who Rein and Carola Kromkamp are and what they stand for.